Supplementary Information Tables - Greening Government Operations

Green Procurement Reporting for Departments and Agencies bound by the Policy on Green Procurement (PGP) but not the Federal Sustainable Development Act (FSDA)

Strategies and/or Comments

  1. Approach: The Supreme Court of Canada plans to create a Green Operations Committee did not materialize due to other pressing priorities and resource shortages. Efforts were made however to comply with Green Procurement Policy.
  2. Management Processes and Controls: Procurement Officers use PWGSC Procurement Instruments as much as possible, such as Standing Offer Indexes and Supply Arrangements. The Court also uses PWGSC E-Waste when disposing electronic and electrical equipment through programs such as Computers for Schools (CFS) and Crown Assets Distribution Directorate (CADD)
  3. Specific Targets: see tables below.
  4. Green Procurement Training: One Procurement Officer has completed the Canada School of Public Servant course on green procurement (C215) and management has been advised of environmental impacts when considering procurement options.

Voluntary Reporting on Any Other Greening Government Operations Initiative

Increase Use of Recycled Products

Performance Measure RPP DPR
To promote the use of recycled paper for non-court related sectors in supporting Government Greening Operations with a target of 10% in FY 2012-13 10% 17%
To purchase 5% more of recycled office supplies during FY 2012-13. 5% 14%

Packaging and Box Returns

Performance Measure RPP DPR

All boxes and packaging for furniture are returned to suppliers for re-use. Plans are to increase the return of packaging for office supplies by 10% in FY 2012-13.

For other packaging and boxes, 70% is being recycled and 30% re-used internally.
10% 10%