May 2014 - Press Lock-up

Counsel are advised that the Supreme Court of Canada has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery (“CPPG”) by which members of the CPPG may be notified of the Court's judgment and reasons for judgment in a given case during a closed door information session (“lock-up”) held just prior to the scheduled public release of the judgment.

The Court will advise parties if there is a request for a lock-up in their case and will ask counsel for the main parties whether they consent to a lock-up. Interveners will not be consulted. A separate lock-up for counsel for the parties, including interveners, will be held on request of counsel for the main parties.

If the Court accepts the request for a lock-up, the lock-up will be conducted at the Supreme Court of Canada Building.

The complete guidelines for lock-ups are available on the Supreme Court of Canada website. For further information, please contact Nadia Loreti, the Director of the Registry Branch at (613) 996-8666.

This notice replaces the notice of February 2006.


Roger Bilodeau, Q.C.

May 2014