David Chaisson v. Her Majesty the Queen

(Newfoundland & Labrador) (Criminal) (As of Right)

Judgments on applications for leave to appeal are rendered by the Court, but are not necessarily unanimous.

Date Proceeding Filed By
(if applicable)
2006-04-06 Appeal closed
2006-03-31 Formal judgment sent to the registrar of the court of appeal and all parties
2006-03-31 Judgment on appeal and notice of deposit of judgment sent to all parties
2006-03-30 Judgment on the appeal rendered, CJ Bi F Abe Cha, The appeal from the judgment of the Newfoundland and Labrador Court of Appeal, Number 04/44, 2005 NLCA 55, dated September 1, 2005, heard on March 15, 2006, is allowed. The verdict of acquittal entered by the trial judge is restored.
2006-03-24 Transcript received, (40 pages)
2006-03-15 Judgment reserved OR rendered with reasons to follow
2006-03-15 Appellant's condensed book, Submitted in Court (14 copies) David Chaisson
2006-03-15 Acknowledgement and consent for video taping of proceedings, From all parties
2006-03-15 Hearing of the appeal, 2006-03-15, CJ Bi F Abe Cha
Judgment reserved
2006-03-13 Book of authorities, Supplemental authorities (4 separate judgments) - Submitted in Court (14 copies), Completed on: 2006-03-14 David Chaisson
2006-03-07 Notice of appearance, Kenneth James Mahoney will be present at the hearing. David Chaisson
2006-03-06 Appeal perfected for hearing
2006-03-03 Notice of appearance, S. David Frankel, Q.C. and James C. Martin will be present at the hearing. Her Majesty the Queen
2006-03-02 Respondent's book of authorities, Completed on: 2006-03-02 Her Majesty the Queen
2006-03-02 Respondent's record, Signed certificate rec'd Mar. 3/06, Completed on: 2006-03-06 Her Majesty the Queen
2006-03-02 Respondent's factum, Completed on: 2006-03-02 Her Majesty the Queen
2006-01-10 Decision on motion to extend time, to serve and file the appellant's factum, record and book of authorities to Jan. 6/06, Reg
2006-01-10 Submission of motion to extend time, Reg
2006-01-09 Response to motion to extend time, (included in Motion), Completed on: 2006-01-09 Her Majesty the Queen
2006-01-09 Motion to extend time, (to file appelant's factum, authorities and records to Jan. 6/06 - consent included), Completed on: 2006-01-09 David Chaisson
2006-01-06 Correspondence received, (by email by the Court of Appeal of Alberta re : the applicant does not have any other recours before the Court of Appeal - put on file)
2006-01-06 Appellant's record, (Vol. 1 and 2 - Motion rec'd Jan. 9/06 and cover changed and fax to the other party), Completed on: 2006-01-06 David Chaisson
2006-01-06 Appellant's book of authorities, (Motion filed Jan. 9/06), Completed on: 2006-01-06 David Chaisson
2006-01-06 Appellant's factum, (Motion filed Jan. 9/06 - CD rec'd Jan. 9/06), Completed on: 2006-01-09 David Chaisson
2006-01-04 Correspondence received from, (Mr. Mahoney dated Dec. 23/04 re : will file a motion for extension of time) David Chaisson
2005-12-12 Correspondence (sent by the Court) to, parties (Limit time Oral arguments).
2005-12-09 Notice of hearing sent to parties
2005-12-08 Appeal hearing scheduled, 2006-03-15
Judgment reserved
2005-10-05 Letter advising the parties of tentative hearing date and filing deadlines (Notice of appeal – As of right)
2005-09-30 Notice of appeal, Completed on: 2005-09-30 David Chaisson