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  • The case or document you are searching for may not yet be entered into the database. Because of the volume of the material filed with the Court, it can take up to a week to open a case and documents in a case will not necessarily be entered in the database on the date that they are filed with the Court.
  • The database has not been updated. The internet database is updated each evening, which means that entries will appear the day after they are entered. Entries related to judgments by the Court, however, are generally updated by noon the same day the judgment is issued.
  • The case predates 1988 when the Court launched its automated case management system. Older cases have very limited information entered in the database. If you would like information about an older case, please contact the Registry Office.
  • If you are looking for a case summary, these are posted on average four weeks after a leave application is submitted for decision or four weeks before an appeal is to be heard.
  • If you are looking for a factum, these are posted within two weeks before an appeal is to be heard.

Search Tips:

If you search using the Supreme Court case (file) number, make sure it is entered accurately.

If you search using the name of party, make sure it is spelled correctly.

If you don’t know the Supreme Court case (file) number and are unsure about the names of the parties, you can use the file number of the Court appealed from.

For further assistance:

Please contact the Registry Office by phone at 613‑996‑8666 or by email at registry‑greffe@scc‑ For more efficient service, please provide the Registry Officer with either the names of the parties or the file number from the Court appealed from.