Jim Shot Both Sides, et al. v. His Majesty the King

(Federal) (Civil) (By Leave)

Main Parties
Name Role Status
Shot Both Sides, Jim Appellant Active
Fox, Roy Appellant Active
Fox, Charles Appellant Active
Fox, Steven Appellant Active
Fox, Theresa Appellant Active
Tailfeathers, Lester Appellant Active
Eagle Bear, Gilbert Appellant Active
Mistaken Chief, Phillip Appellant Active
Standing Alone, Pete Appellant Active
Yellow Feet, Rose Appellant Active
Goodstriker, Rufus Appellant Active
Healy, Leslie Appellant Active
Councillors of the Blood Band, for themselves and on behalf of the Indians of Blood Band Reserve number 148 Appellant Active
Blood Reserve number 148 Appellant Active
His Majesty the King Respondent Active
Other Parties
Attorney General of Saskatchewan Intervener Active
Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta Intervener Active
Lac La Ronge Intervener Active
Innu Takuaikan Uashat Mak Mani-Utenam Intervener Active
Attorney General of Alberta Intervener Active
Robinson Huron Treaty Anishinaabek Intervener Active
Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Intervener Active
Attorney General of Ontario Intervener Active
Cowichan Tribes, Stz'Uminus First Nation, Penelakut Tribe and Halalt First Nation Intervener Active
Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Intervener Active
Assembly of First Nations Intervener Active

Please note that in the case of closed files, the “Status” column in this table reflects the status of the parties at the time of the proceedings. For more information about the proceedings and about the dates when the file was open, please consult the docket of the case in question.