Galina Kurdina v. Attorney General of Canada

(Ont.) (Civil) (By Leave)


Procedural Law.


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Procedural law - Courts - Evidence - Torts - Pleadings - Negligence - Allegation of failure of police to investigate and protect citizen from psychotronic (mind control) weapon attacks - Fresh evidence purportedly reports of medical experts - Whether fresh evidence should be admitted - Whether reasonable cause of action raised.

The applicant Ms. Kurdina is an unrepresented litigant who claims that she experienced symptoms of psychotronic weapon (mind control) attacks since January, 2006. She reported the symptoms of “well known electromagnetic energy and Psychotronic attacks and name of a suspect” to the RCMP. The investigating officer told her that there were no laws to defend her and that there was nothing criminal in the situation. Ms. Kurdina brought an action against several defendants including the Attorney General of Canada “for damages stemming from Psychotronic attacks and loss of future income”. The claim against the respondent Attorney General was for $10 million for “negligent abuse by Defendants (RCMP and Police), preventing Plaintiff from legal right of investigation of criminal defence, proper legislation and proper interpretation of legislation”. The application to adduce fresh evidence consisted of “expert reports” from various doctors and an advertisement from the internet for a service to determine if individuals are being “electronically harassed”.