Alamgir Hussain v. Royal Bank of Canada

(Ontario) (Civil) (By Leave)


Canadian charter (Non-criminal) - Fundamental justice (s. 7), Judgments and orders, Summary judgments, Financial institutions, Banks - Charter of Rights and Freedoms – Fundamental justice – Judgments and orders – Summary judgments – Financial institutions – Banks – Lower courts granting summary judgment ordering Applicant to pay Bank amounts owing – Whether an issue of national importance is raised – Whether lower courts erred in their reasoning and decisions.


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The respondent, Royal Bank of Canada brought a motion for summary judgment for amounts owing to it from Mr. Hussain.

The motion judge found this was an appropriate case to grant a summary judgment and ordered Mr. Hussain to repay the amounts owing to the Bank. The motion judge also dismissed Mr. Hussain’s counterclaim. The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal finding no merit in Mr. Hussain’s arguments that the motion judge had erred and found no basis to interfere with the motion judge’s decision.