Agent E v. Attorney General of Canada (in Right of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

(British Columbia) (Civil) (By Leave)

(Sealing order)


Civil procedure - Costs, Securities - Civil procedure — Costs — Security — Transcripts — Applicant’s motion to be relieved of obligation to file trial transcripts dismissed — Respondent’s motion for security for costs granted — Applicant appealing orders — Is requirement that appellant must rebut presumption to pay security for costs consistent with principle of access to justice? — What should be test for setting aside requirement to order transcripts in appeal that does not raise challenge to any findings of fact?.


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The applicant, “Agent E”, commenced an action against the RCMP, seeking damages for breach of contract and quantum meruit for services rendered as a confidential informant. The action was dismissed and Agent E appealed. Agent E brought a motion to dispense with the filing of the trial transcripts on his appeal. The respondent moved for security for costs.