J.R.L. v. Q.X.

(British Columbia) (Civil) (By Leave)

(Publication ban on party)


Family law - Custody, Spousal support - Family law — Custody — Spousal support — Application for extension of time to appeal dismissed —Whether family violence was correctly evaluated by the courts below — Whether 9 years of lump sum spousal support is a significant error.


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The parties were married in June 2010. They separated in November 2012. They have a child who was born in 2011. They have been engaged in family law proceedings since 2012, when the respondent filed for divorce and corollary relief. Following a trial, the Supreme Court of British Columbia issued a comprehensive order on the various issues, including on custody, parenting time and guardianship, and on spousal support. In 2018, the applicant’s application for an extension of time to appeal was dismissed. The applicant ultimately filed applications to appeal and appeals from orders of the Supreme Court of British Columbia in the litigation. The Court of Appeal dismissed his applications and appeal.