Iranian Ministry of Information and Security, et al. v. Edward Tracy, by his Litigation Guardian, Charles Murphy, et al.

(Ont.) (Civil) (By Leave)

(Sealing order) (Certain information not available to the public)

Main Parties
Name Role Status
Iranian Ministry of Information and Security Applicant Active
Islamic Republic of Iran Applicant Active
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp. Applicant Active
Edward Tracy, by his Litigation Guardian, Charles Murphy Respondent Active
Elizabeth Cicippio-Puleo, Estate of Helen Fazio, Estate of Domenic Cicippio, David B. Cicippio, Eric R. Cicippio, Richard Dennis Cicippio, Thomas J. Cicippio, Estate of Paul V. Cicippio, Allen John Cicippio, Estate of Rose Abell, Anthony Cicippio, Respondent Active
Estate of Alexander Cicippio, Nicholas B. Cicippio, Estate of Joseph J. Cicippio Jr., Estate of Marla Bennett, Michael Bennett, Linda Bennett, Lisa Bennett, Respondent Active
American Center for Civil Justice, Inc., as Assignee for Christine Higgins, Katie L. Marthaler, Herman C. Marthaler, III, Matthew Marthaler, Kirk Marthaler, Respondent Active
Richard W. Wood, Kathleen M. Wood, Shawn M. Wood, Francis Heiser, Denise M. Eichstaedt, Anthony W. Cartrette, Lewis W. Cartrette, Thaddeus C. Fennig, Catherine Fennig, Paul D. Fennig, Respondent Active
Mark Fennig, Catherine Adams, Mary Young, Daniel Adams, Elizabeth Wolf, Patrick D. Adams, John E. Adams, William Adams, Michael T. Adams, Christopher R. Nguyen, Bridget Brooks, James R. Rimkus, Anne M. Rimkus, Steve K. Kitson, Nancy A. Kitson Respondent Active
Lawrence E. Taylor, Vickie L. Taylor, Starlina D. Taylor, Dawn Woody, Bernadine R. Beekman, Tracy M. Smith, Jonica L. Woody, Timothy Woody, Ibis S. Haun, Senator Haun, Milagritos Perez-Dalis, Cecil H. Lester, Sr., Judy Lester, Cecil H. Lester, Jr., Respondent Active
Jessica F. Lester, Shyrl L. Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Jr., Nicholas A. Johnson, A Minor, by his Legal Guardian Shyrl L. Johnson, Michael Morgera, Thomas Morgera, Marie R. Campbell, Bessie A. Campbell, James V. Wetmore, Respondent Active
George M. Beekman, Che G. Colson, Bruce Johnson, Estate of Brent E. Marthaler, Estate of Sharon Marthaler, Estate of Michael Heiser, Estate of Gary Heiser, Estate of Patrick P. Fennig, Estate of Christopher Adams, Estate of Thanh Van Nguyen, Respondent Active
Estate of Sandra M. Wetmore, Estate of Kendall Kitson, Jr., Estate of Kendall K. Kitson, Sr., Estate of Nancy R. Kitson, Estate of Joshua E. Woody, Estate of Leland Timothy Haun, Estate of Christopher Lester, Estate of Kevin J. Johnson, Sr., Respondent Active
Estate of Millard D. Campbell, Estate of Peter J. Morgera, Estate of Justin R. Wood, Estate of Earl F. Cartrette, Jr., Estate of Brian Mcveigh, Estate of Joseph E. Rimkus, Estate of Jeremy A. Taylor, Estate of Laura E. Johnson, Paul Alexander Blais, Respondent Active
Estate of Curtis Taylor, Maria Taylor, Cielito Valencia, Luz Southard, Steven Wolfe, Sonya Turner Broadway, Diana Campuzano, Avi Elishis, Gregg Salzman, Elisa Nili Cirilo Peres Ben-Rafael, Respondent Active
Yonatan Mishael Ben-Rafael, A Minor by his Litigation Guardian Elisa Nili Cirilo Peres Ben-Rafael, Ralph Goldman, Noa Ruth Ben-Rafael, Judith Goldman Baumgold and Naomi Goldman Respondent Active
Other Parties
Attorney General of Canada Intervener Active

Please note that in the case of closed files, the “Status” column in this table reflects the status of the parties at the time of the proceedings. For more information about the proceedings and about the dates when the file was open, please consult the docket of the case in question.