Winnipeg 2019

Message from the Chief Justice of Canada, Richard Wagner

Transcript of the video

(Narration by the Right Honourable Richard Wagner, Chief Justice of Canada.)

(Chief Justice Richard Wagner is standing in the Grand Hall of the Supreme Court of Canada building.)


At the Supreme Court of Canada, we hear important cases from all parts of the country.

It’s important for us to be accessible to all Canadians, because the Supreme Court is your Court.

The decisions we make affect your life, and that of your family and community.

(Series of images of the judges being seated in the Courtroom, the Court’s website and Twitter and Facebook pages, the outside of the building and, finally, the judges during a hearing.)

Over the years, we’ve made sure you can watch our proceedings on television and on our website, read our decisions online, and follow our activities on social media—first Twitter, and now on Facebook, too.

These tools let you connect with the Court even if you can’t make it to Ottawa to visit us in person.

Still, there is nothing quite like watching a hearing in the courtroom, seeing the arguments unfold right in front of you.

We want as many Canadians as possible to have that opportunity.

(Chief Justice Richard Wagner is standing in the entrance to the Courtroom.)

That’s why I am thrilled to announce that the Supreme Court will sit in Winnipeg in September.

It’s part of our commitment to access to justice, and it will be the first time in history the Court will sit outside of Ottawa.

(Series of images of headlines of newspaper articles about courts of the United Kingdom, Australia and France.)

We join other Supreme Courts and Constitutional Courts (like the UK, Australia, and France) in visiting other cities.

(Chief Justice Richard Wagner is standing in the entrance to the Courtroom.)

We also join some provincial courts of appeal (like Quebec and British Columbia) in doing this.

This will be an opportunity for more Canadians to see the Court at work, live, right in front of them.

(The Chief Justice of Canada, Richard Wagner, and the Chief Justice of Manitoba, Richard Chartier, are standing in an office and shaking hands.)

And it will be an opportunity for us to meet with Manitobans and speak to community groups about what we do.

We’re very excited to go to Winnipeg, and welcome Manitobans into their Court.

Of course, if you can’t join us there, our hearings will be webcast on our website, as always.

(Chief Justice Chartier speaks to Chief Justice Wagner.)

Chief, we look forward to seeing you in Winnipeg!

(Chief Justice Wagner replies to Chief Justice Chartier.)

Looking forward to seeing you there also!