Description of the Heraldic Emblems of the SCC

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Badge (new emblem)

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Elements of the badge Meaning Image
Vertical Stripes / First Peoples

The vertical red stripes, representing parallel paths and the idea of uninterrupted movement, indicate that the Court is responsible for applying the law in the two legal traditions of the country – common law and civil law – and that it is a bilingual institution, working in both English and French.

These stripes also symbolize Indigenous contributions to Canadian society and law, as they recall the principles of peace and mutual respect communicated by the two-row wampum belt.

Vertical red stripes
The Nine Judges of the Court / Colours

The large diamond and its pattern of lozenges represent the Court of nine judges and the central role it plays as the country’s court of final appeal and as the guarantor of the Constitution and the rights and freedoms of all Canadians.

The white background conveys the ideals of transparency and accessibility in the court system. Red and white are emblematic of Canada, while gold symbolizes excellence.

Large diamond
Royal Crown The heraldic emblems are surmounted by a stylized version of St. Edward's Crown, which has been used in the coronations of Canada's monarchs. This element represents Canada's status as a constitutional monarchy headed by a sovereign king or queen. Crown
Laurels The round shape represents harmony and collegiality with laurels, typical of judicial symbolism. The laurels are derived from the Supreme Court’s badge, designed nearly a century ago by the distinguished Montreal architect Ernest Cormier. Laurels
Motto The Latin words « Justitia et Veritas » mean “Justice and Truth”. They are also the names of the two statues, allegories of Justice and Truth, which stand vigil in front of the Supreme Court. Banner Justitia and Veritas

Badge (historic emblem)

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The Supreme Court’s historic badge, the “Cormier Emblem,” embedded in the marble floor of its grand hall, represents the Court’s key values of justice, independence, integrity, transparency, and bilingualism. It shows two stylized capital letters, S and C, for “Supreme Court,” and laurels, typical of judicial symbolism.


This flag was created using features from the new heraldic emblem. It will be hoisted during hearings on the east flag pole.