Message from the Chief Justice, Richard Wagner

Chief Justice Richard Wagner

Welcome to the Supreme Court of Canada, the only bilingual (English and French) and bijural (common law and civil law) supreme court in the world.

We work and decide cases in English and French, in all areas of law (such as family, criminal, and tax law). We decide cases from Canada’s two major legal traditions (common law and civil law).

The decisions we make here affect the lives of all Canadians, and that of your family and community. It’s important to us that you understand the work that we do, and why it matters.

The Supreme Court’s essential task — to make independent and impartial decisions about issues that matter to Canadians — hasn’t changed since the Court was created in 1875. But much else has. The Court, its judges, and staff are dedicated to finding ways to better serve you. We’re leveraging technology and new media to better communicate with you, wherever you live, in both of Canada’s official languages.

This website is part of that effort. Feel free to browse the site, but here are some quick links you may find useful:

You can also learn more about the Court and its work by watching a short video:

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Enjoy your virtual visit, and remember that you can visit us in person for a tour or to watch a hearing at any time.


Rt. Hon. Richard Wagner, P.C.
Chief Justice of Canada